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“This is the greatest opportunity for our country to get new green energy technologies…”
N. A. Nazarbayev
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Strategy “Kazakhstan-2050”
“Our youth needs to learn and to master new knowledge, acquire the latest skills,
use knowledge and technologies skillfully and effectively in everyday life.”
N. A. Nazarbayev
Is it necessary to make changes to the GOST 7.32-2001 The report about research work?

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Science news
Dietary bread for diabetics was offered by the scientists of Kazakh Research Institute of processing and food industry
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The executive secretary of MES RK Amerkhan Rakhimzhanov visited InEU
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It was carried out two-day seminar for teachers
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Nuclear Power

Prospects of nuclear power engineering in Kazakhstan

Today, Kazakhstan is ranked the first in the world on uranium mining and the second in terms of uranium reserves, possessing 19 % of the world’s known reserves of the uranium. And about 65 % of uranium resources are suitable for the most progressive, ecologically safe and economically expedient methods of in-situ leaching (underground leaching). Within a relatively short period of time Kazakhstan managed to increase the sphere of atomic power engineering to a high level of development. Furthermore, Kazakhstan possesses a developed uranium mining and processing industry with infrastructure for holding fundamental and applied research in the sphere of atomic physics. As it is known, the Republic inherited the Soviet nuclear facilitiesthus possessing unique research assets in the field of atomic physics as well as qualified personnel. Thanks towhich, to date three research reactors has been exploited successfully on scientific purpose.

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The Akimof Kurchatov proposed to build the nuclear power plant in his town, not in Balkhash

The construction of the nuclear power plant in Kurchatov will be a second wind for industry and infrastructure of Kurchatov and Shimei.Akim Dmitry Garikov made this statement today. He noted that that was an opportunity for Shimei and Kurchatovto run building plants at full capacity: Cement and silicate, which were built with the work on the nuclear industryin the past.

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In the light of message of the head of state Nursultan Nazarbayev, dedicated to the redistribution of latitude between branches of the governmental authorities, it has appeared the urgent need for revision of all management systems, including the industry level. In particular, management of the scientific sphere

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Science and innovation: to manage from a single center
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Collections of the best works of young scientists
Observation of gadflies (Diptera, Tabanidae) in the north-east of Kazakhstan (Pavlodar region)
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Совершенствование пунктов перегрузки элеваторных конвейеров
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Статистический анализ отсортировки холоднокатаных листов.(24.03.09)
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Внедрение инноваций как инструмент повышения конкурентоспособности предприятий легкой промышленности Rазахстана
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