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13.11.2013  Majilis debated the bill on holding EXPO-2017 in Astana.
At the plenary session of the Majilis of the Parliament deputies discussed the bill on the organization and holding of the International Exhibition EXPO-2017. Amendments to the eight legislative acts, including two codes, budget and tax are provided by the bill - IA Zakon. Kz informs referring to th
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13.11.2013  The Swiss deputies supported the holding EXPO-2017 in Kazakhstan
Today President NursultanNazarbayev received the Head of the Board of the cantons of the Swiss Confederation Filippo Lombardi - Tengrinews.kz reports citing the official website of Acorda.
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05.11.2013  2013 Shymkent scientists promise to present energy of the futureat the exhibition EXPO-2017.
The most perspective projects are solar engines, wind-powered generators and advanced automated system of controls with solar plants.Shymkent scientistspromise to present all that at the exhibition EXPO-2017.
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01.11.2013  A wind power plant with the cost of 15 billion tengewill be built in Pavlodaroblast.
Therewill be the largest wind power plant of the country on the border of Pavlodar and Akmolaoblasts in 2015. The project is being developed by the staffs of socio-entrepreneurial corporation “Pavlodar” – the correspondent of “RE” reports.
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24.10.2013  The symbol of EXPO-2017 will be the largest spherical building in the world.
The symbol of Expo-2017 will be the largest building in the world in terms of a sphere.
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24.10.2013  The construction of the EXPO 2017 exhibition complex will be completed in 2016.
The construction of the exhibition complex EXPO 2017 will be completed in 2016.
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24.10.2013  AU.S. companywill implement the project of the EXPO 2017 exhibition center.
Today in Astana, the winner of the international architectural competition for the best design ideas of the EXPO 2017exhibition center was announced.
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23.10.2013  Dwelling houses within EXPO-2017 will provide themselves with energy
Practically all the buildings that will be built for EXPO-2017 will provide themselves withenergy - Tengrinews.kz reports citing the company Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture which is the author of the project winning in the international architectural competition for the best design idea of t
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22.10.2013  Thewinnerof the international architectural competition for EXPO 2017became known.
October 22 in Astana,the results of the international architectural competition for the best design idea of the EXPO 2017 complex will be summarized- reports IA Zakon.kz citing the press service of the Ministry of Environmental Protection.
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22.10.2013  Anamerican economist called EXPO 2017 “Valley of the biosphere”.
American economist Jeremy Rifkincalled EXPO-2017“Valley of the biosphere” in the master class “Fundamentals of the Third Industrial Revolution” reports BNews.kz.
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