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In the framework of forum “Kazakhstani science in conditions of modernization: 3.0”, dedicated to the Day of science, 2 sessions were held in JSC “NCSSTE, the first one is on the discussion of international standards of quality of scientific journals, the second one is devoted to the topical issues of activity of state scientific and technical expertise (SSTE) and national scientific councils (NSC).
The session was attended by B. Abdrasilov, chairman of Science Committee of the MES RK, representatives of the Control Committee in the field of education and science of MES RK., K.Sakenova, international organizations ClarivateAnalytics and Springer Nature, Kazakhstani scientists.

In his welcoming speech B. Abdrasilov, chairman of Science Committee of the MES RK, noted that in Kazakhstan science, there is a trend in the activity of scientific journals in which the proportion of articles in English, in accordance with the task set by the Head of State, should be not less than 50 % of total number of publications.
In his speech on the development of Kazakhstan’s system of scientific periodicals, A. Ibraev, President of JSC NCSSTE, made a number of specific proposals in order to improve quality of scientific publications. First of all, creation of Kazakhstan’s association of scientific editors and publishers. Organization of training and consulting center and an agency for professional translation/editing of articles, providing the release of translated versions of Kazakhstan scientific journals. Development of a unified web platform for Kazakhstan scientific journals. Development of a unified web platform for Kazakhstan scientific journals, formation of unified base “Reviewer” and system “Anti-plagiarism”.

Development and implementation of Rules of Ethics of scientific publications. In addition, regulate the correlation of national requirements to the journal publishing with the international standards. Also it was proposed to organize the republican contest on the state support of development programs and promotion of journals in international informational systems. Provide incentives for researchers who are published in international journals with high impact factor and have good indicators of citing, by giving them bonuses, scholarships and scientific fellowships.
Head of department of educational programs of ClarivateAnalytics V.Bogorov, drew the attention of those present that from the end of 2016 this company with the well-known WebOfScience, formerly owned by ThomsonReuters, became independent. He also stressed that the company is a bibliometric database, keeps the full citation of publications and does not engage in publishing activities. In the era of informational explosion, when the scientific and technical information is doubled in every two year, according to the speaker, authors need to focus on the most influential publications, and this is for today is more than 18 thousand journals. Further information was on the key criteria of selection – compliance with the timelines of output of journal releases, adherence to international publishing conventions, presentation of bibliographic information in English and the presence of peer review process.

If WebOfScience Core Collection is a filter of world’s scientific journals, then Springer Nature is one of the biggest publishing houses, wherein our authors can directly submit their work. This publishing house lets out more than 2900 journals in English every year. I.Alexandrova, regional chairman of Central Asia countries, informed about the advantages and requirements for the publication. Every year, Kazakhstani scientists publish more than 330 articles in this publishing house, which is 15% of the total number of articles, published abroad. K. Sakenova, representative of CCFES of MES RK and S. Dosaeva, representative of NAS RK, made presentation on the status and prospects of the development of scientific journals.

Within the framework of of second work session it was reviewed the issues of activity of management of SSTE and NSC of JSC “NCSSTE”. In particular, A. Akbolat introduced new automated system, through which potential grant applicants will be able to submit their applications online. The system is started in test mode for today, but, in the framework of expected this year new contest of grant financing, according to the developers, AIS will work in full-fledged mode.

Main provisions of the new Resolution, according the activity of NSC, which was published today in official mass media, were shortly presented by E. Suindikov. At the end of the session of the section, speeches of the chairpersons of the NNS on 5 priority areas for science of Kazakhstan were heard. Each of them informed about the results of the activities of the Councils expressed his comments and suggestions on the quality of the drafts and examination procedures.

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