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April 12 this year in Gylym Ordasy was held a forum “Science in conditions of modernization 3.0”, dedicated to the Day of scientists. Minister of education and science of the Republic of Kazakhstan E. Sagadiev congratulated the scientific community with the holiday, stressing that this day is the birthday of Kazakhstan science founder Kanysh Satpayev. In his speech, he underlined 3 key questions, with a systematic and comprehensive answer to which a qualitative breakthrough in the development of science is possible.
First. What should do the science? Minister said that for the present day the spectrum of scientific research is very wide and covers all fields – natural, accurate, technical and humanitarian sciences. More than 70% factor of aim reaching is related with the development of human capital. Minister also expressed his opinion that the history of science does not determine the future development of science. Today there are separate scientists in the focus of attention. When the person from scratch in short time can make a significant contribution to the development of science and bring the results of his researches to the world level.

Second. Who should engage in science? In this question E. Sagadiev stressed the following moments. First, serious role is assigned to the education with the updated content. It is important to find knowledge and apply it in practice. Secondly, it is important to pay attention to the development of pedagogical science. The transition to trilingualism, the knowledge of English and state languages will be implemented from 2019. In addition, minister said that it is necessary to increase the number of people with the higher education. The more people with higher education, the more employers will be among them, supported his thesis E. Sagadiev. At the same time, there is a work on the increasing of grants for the obtaining of PhD scholarships. Thus, last year, MES RK allocated 600 grants for this and increases them to 1000 and the ability of commercial education this year.

Third. How correctly to organize work in the field of science? In this issue, the minister defined the isolation of science from the real sectors of the economy. The key task is to ensure that scientists go to enterprises, to business, attracting co-financing from their side. At the same time, Sagadiev assured that the funding of science from the state budget funds will gradually increase.
President of the National Academy of Sciences M. Zhurinov, expressed his opinion about raising funds from the production side. He stressed that business, in turn, should turn to scientists. Companies-monopolists, Kazmunaygaz, Kazatomprom are not interested in investing in scientific developments. Academician believes that it is necessary to create a competitive environment. The paradox is that companies with advanced equipment do not have the scientific potential, moreover they did not create their own scientific institutes, and scientists working in unskilled laboratories are forced to go abroad for research. In conclusion, M. Zhurinov cited an eloquent figure, developed countries of Europe spend 3% of GDP on science, while Kazakhstan - 0.26%.

A. Bizhanov, a deputy of the Senate of the Parliament of the RK, called upon scientists to cooperate on improving the legal and regulatory framework of science. At the moment, in his opinion, the laws on science and commercialization create a legal field for the generation of earning projects.
The presentations were made by G. Mutanov, rector of KazSU. Al-Farabi, A. Sultangazin, president of the Science Foundation and R. Alshanov, rector of the University "Turan", president of the Association of Universities of Kazakhstan. At the end of the forum honorary diplomas of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan were awarded to Eleshev, Rakhymzhanov, Satybaldin, Zhumashev, Seversky and M. Abuseitova.

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