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N. A. Nazarbayev
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25.12.2020   The scientific journal of Institute of Metallurgy and Ore Beneficiation

The scientific journal “Kompleksnoe ispolʹzovanie mineralʹnogo syrʹâ (Complex Use of Mineral Resources)” became part of the Emerging Sources Citation Index Database on Web of Science Core Collection platform since December 2020, according to the Clarivate Analytics agency. Journal indexation started in January 2019.

Clarivate Analytics is an independent authoritative company that manages databases, information systems and intellectual properties collections. It focuses on scientific and academic research, patent analysis and legal regulation, pharmaceutical and biotechnological research, trademark, brand and intellectual property protection.
For more information, click here: https://satbayev.university/ru/news/nauchnyy-zhurnal-instituta-metallurgii-i-obogashcheniya-satbayev-university-vklyuchen-v-bazu-dannykh-web-of-science-core-collection

Satbayev University

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