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28.05.2019   The Kazakh research institute of potato and vegetable growing created new varieties and hybrids of potatoes that increasing crop yields by 28%.

Scientists of the Kazakh Research Institute of Potato and Vegetable Growing under the guidance of Dr.Sc. Aytbayev T.E. a project was implemented to intensify the development of potato, vegetable and melon-growing on the basis of genetic improvement and biotechnology.

The main goal of the research is the creation of highly productive, stress-resistant, high-quality varieties and hybrids of potatoes and vegetables and melons based on genetic improvement and biotechnology, ensuring their primary and elite seed production for reproduction and introduction into production.

In the course of R & D, potatoes, vegetables, and melons were investigated, and 800 samples from the world collection were evaluated on economically valuable grounds. A hybridization of parental forms for 265 combinations of crossings was carried out. According to the results of the work, 3 new varieties of potatoes were transferred to the state variety testing.

For the selection of potatoes in the field of the foothill zone, which is subject to strong degeneration of potatoes, 600 samples from the world collection were evaluated according to economically valuable traits (productivity, disease resistance, heat and drought resistance, early ripeness).

The work on thermotherapy of potato tubers and isolation of the apical meristem in 11 prospective and zoned potato varieties of domestic breeding was carried out. As a result of cultivation of explants in vitro, 379.5 pieces were obtained. or 45.4% of regenerated plants.

Studies have been conducted to assess the varieties and promising breeding samples of potatoes and vegetables for persistence: 15 potato varieties, 10 - onions, 5 - carrots, 5 - table beets, 3 - white cabbage. 15 samples of potato, 12 samples of tomato, 5 samples of cucumber, 3 samples of sweet pepper were evaluated for suitability for processing. Based on the data obtained, varieties of potatoes and vegetables with high rates of raw materials for processing were identified.

According to the results of this work, 2 catalogs on vegetable crops were published, 60 scientific articles were prepared, 51 of

them were published, 21 of which were published in foreign publications, including 1 with impact factor. 15 workshops for farmers were held.

The economic efficiency of the introduction of potato varieties is 300-400 thousand tenge / ha, and the varieties of vegetables and melons grow from 50.0 to 250.0 thousand tenge / ha.

The economic benefit from the introduction of improved raw material of potatoes in the form of mini-tubers for the production of the elite allows to increase the yield by 28%, and the economic efficiency in this case is 580 thousand tenge of profit per hectare.

The Department of Public Relations of JSC NCSTE

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